Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t recruiters and coaches just find you?

Not necessarily. Our country has hundreds of star football players. Working on autopilot will put you on the back burner. To overcome competition, it’s worthwhile to stand out and make an impact. 

Will the recruitment package increase my eligibility or exposure?

The recruitment package itself will not increase your athlete’s eligibility or exposure. It is up to the athlete and their parents/guardians to put in the time and effort to ensure the proper steps are being taken towards collegiate football and this package will give you the right tools and advice on how to get there. 

What is my job as a player?

College recruitment is a two-way street; it’s your responsibility to find a good fit for your future. You must stay active on social media, polish your football skills, and keep your grades high for recruiters to notice you. However, we also recommend that you recruit potential colleges that you feel are a match for your skills, goals, and priorities.

What can I do now to prepare myself and my student-athlete for college football and the recruitment process?

Understanding the journey that you and your student-athlete is critical. There is an immense amount of information that athletes and their parents/guardians are unaware of that unfortunately leads to them falling behind others. My recruitment package is a major step in the right direction of ensuring that does not happen and in becoming knowledgeable of the ins and outs of the entire recruitment process. 

What factors play into recruitment?

Recruitment is more than just speed and skill. It’s important to keep your grades high and make a lasting impression on recruiters. 

What topics/aspects of high school football does the recruitment package cover?

Getting recruited is not as simple as playing at a decent high school. There are many other factors such as coursework that influence an athlete’s recruitment process. The recruitment package will cover all of the bases of how to best approach on and off-field activities and to be proactive in your recruitment process. 

What role does the Parent/Guardian play within the recruitment process?

Parents/Guardians are essential to this process as they help guide the athlete and keep them on-track for any sports/non-sports related goals if the proper approaches are implemented. 

What is the difference between an athlete who uses this package versus one who does not?

Failing to prepare means preparing to fail. Gaining as much knowledge and preparation of what to expect of the recruitment process and how to best approach it is a key factor that separates the top athletes from the others. An athlete that has a thorough understanding of the recruitment process from beginning to end is much better prepared for whatever comes at them on and off the field. 

What experience do you have with high school and college football athletes?

I am a coach at one of the top high school football teams in the country and I own Apex Football Academy in which many of our trainers are former NFL and collegiate athletes that coach at the high school and college level. 

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